Tuyoor Al Amal

Supporting schools through provision of solar power and refurbishment

Tuyoor Al-Amal are a group of three schools in Tripoli, Lebanon, serving over 2,400 Syrian refugee children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (the final year of high school). Established and led by refugees, the team of 95 staff is drawn from Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian communities.

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The Altenburg Foundation is supporting the schools through provision of solar power and refurbishment of dedicated library and computer-based learning spaces, as well as funding summer-school catch up classes for children still making up for learning lost during the COVID pandemic. Ongoing support includes strategic and operational advice, and capacity development for staff, in close partnership with Tuyoor Al- Amal’s leadership team.



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There are many ways to help, such as donating, fundraising and volunteering – we’d love to consider any and every option to support the cause.