The Alsama Project

Helping to prepare children with the greatest potential

The Alsama Project provides intensive education, empowerment and leadership through sports to more than 400 teenaged Syrians in Beirut, Lebanon, including through pioneering work in community cricket. Its core values of commitment, collaboration and ambition are embraced by staff and students.

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The Altenburg Foundation is supporting The Alsama Project through funding its ‘Excellence Programme’, preparing children with the greatest potential to make strong applications for scholarships to complete their secondary education and beyond.


Starting in 2022, The Altenburg Foundation has undertaken a four-year commitment to support the development and implementation of the Professional Group programme at The Alsama Project. Serving young Syrian refugees in Shatila Camp, Beirut, this innovative programme nurtures the academic and professional skills of highly motivated and talented young people who would otherwise have no access to learning.

Alongside classes in Arabic, English, Maths, Science and Computing, they are being equipped with skills and attributes to allow them to compete and excel in the 21st century jobs market. Lessons in teamwork, communication, planning and organisation/time management techniques are delivered alongside sessions on yoga, awareness and critical thinking, along with built in periods of work experience and volunteer service. The Foundation believes this highly contextualised scheme provides holistic and practically-oriented nurturing that moves well beyond the narrow restrictions of a traditional schooling approach, and is very proud to support The Alsama Project in their work.



Now I am a new person, and a new Ola, with passion, hope, and ambition to achieve everything I want. The Center and the group made me into a new girl who could overcome her difficult reality. The Center made me have hopes and dreams to achieve what I want. Everyone needs a big supporter and the motivation to continue and keep going to achieve their dreams. My motivation is the Professional Group. The Professional Group is the greatest blessing in my whole life. Ola Al Khalaf.

When Alsama taught me about what setting goals means, I had no idea about goals or aims. This strategy helped me to start with small goals and build my future. These steps made me believe I can be a successful person. My dream is to teach and help the next generation in my community. The Professional Group has taught me that dreams can be achieved step-bystep. Goals will keep me moving forward and push me to follow my aim and teach it to the next generation. Louay Al Khadro.

Being in the Professional Group feels to me like winning a big trophy because in my country girls don’t study. When they get to 15 they should be married. Having this Group and its support means that now I broke the rules and I’m studying not just for reading and writing, but for life and the professional world. I see it like it’s a shield to protect myself in the future, to be able depend on myself, and to live the life I want, not the life that my society wants for me. Dalal Hussein.


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There are many ways to help, such as donating, fundraising and volunteering – we’d love to consider any and every option to support the cause.