The Altenburg Foundation

Working for education, integration and maximum community impact

The Altenburg Foundation

Working for education, integration and maximum community impact

The Altenburg Foundation

The Altenburg Foundation is a family-run charity which seeks to help those less fortunate in all corners of the world. Starting in 2016, The Altenburg Foundation has already helped in numerous places that have been tragically impacted by war or disaster, such as Syria, Lebanon & Uganda. We do so in supporting access to quality education, livelihoods opportunities, sports and community development through encouraging self-sufficiency within communities.

In the UK, we work closely with underprivileged people who need guidance and support to access their full potential, doing so through mentoring and interest-free loans for skills and professional development. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to determine and become the best version of themselves, no matter their current circumstances.


Featured Projects:

Planning For Tomorrow Youth (P4T)

Refugee community-led education and livelihoods provider in Uganda.

Alameen School Children

Tuyoor Al-Amal School

Refugee community-led education supporting children from kindergarten into university and employment in Lebanon.

Animo Arta A Mallorca-based social project that is run and developed by Christiane Altenburg.

Aid Pioneers Collaboration

Teaming with an innovative NGO putting power and resources directly in the hands of local communities.

Countries Assisted

Schools Supported

Children Educated

Our Mission & Values

Working for education, integration and maximum community impact

We work to support grass-roots organisations and individuals who seek to have the maximum positive impact on their communities through a focus on education, integration and society. Our family’s values of compassion, care, challenge and love, inform everything that we do.


Three areas close to our hearts:

We want all children, especially underprivileged, to have access to quality learning wherever possible.

We do our best to help displaced refugees by providing support and mentoring, to assist them in building a new life.

We believe in sport as a means to personal growth, confidence and self-determination.

Get Involved

If you are willing to support The Altenburg Foundation in our mission, please get in contact with us to discuss how we can collaborate.

There are many ways to help, such as donating, fundraising and volunteering – we’d love to consider any and every option to support the cause.