Aid Pioneers Collaboration

Since May 2022, The Altenburg Foundation acts as an incubator financier to the Berlinbased non-profit organisation Aid Pioneers.

Aid Pioneers is a group of young social entrepreneurs from around the globe that believe in the power of local ideas. They work with effective local organisations in Africa, the Middle East and recently Ukraine and help them reach more people with the goods and services that they already provide to their communities.

They do this by working with them conceptually, shipping in-kind donations to them and by connecting them to the resources of the global private sector. In 2022, Aid Pioneers worked with 24 community-based organisations promoting quality education, gender equality and access to healthcare. They mobilised GBP 400,000+ in donations and shipped 300 tonnes worth more than GBP 4 million.

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We are extremely proud and thankful to have The Altenburg Foundation by our side – without them, none of the work that we are doing would be possible. It is our mission to do whatever it takes to help our local partners to scale up – and exactly this is what Karl and Christiane Altenburg are doing with Aid Pioneers. Through their mentorship, their financial support and their network, they help us to serve more people.

Alexis Broschek, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Aid Pioneers

When we first met Aid Pioneers, we were incredibly impressed by the passion of the young people. This is the first time for our foundation that we invest in a platform rather than a project directly. This way we believe that we can leverage our investment and reach more lives.

Christiane and Karl Altenburg


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There are many ways to help, such as donating, fundraising and volunteering – we’d love to consider any and every option to support the cause.