Performance Plus

The mission of PPS is to get the best out of young people through sport.

The Altenburg Foundation has been working extremely closely with Performance Plus Sport since its inception in 2016. We are committed to supporting young sportspeople with the right attitude, creating opportunities for those who wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance because we believe in the power of sport, and the positive impact it can have.

Performance Plus offers programme support and delivery, creating sustainable and regular opportunities to groups of young sportspeople as well as individual support programmes – essential support to the most deserving individuals. They provide mentorship and valuable guidance to all the programmes and individuals supported. Across a variety of sports, this is offered as a pathway of support across three target areas: community progression, sport advancement and career paths.

Throughout the Covid period, PPS reacted by rolling out an Emergency Hardship Fund to support coaches, mentors and athletes within their network. They provided weekly payments to help with essentials and arranged digital workshops to keep morale high. They then went further by asking those eligible to ‘give a little back’ by handing out food/drink to homeless people and others in need.

In 2021, The Tim Henman Foundation agreed to link with Performance Plus Sport and form a strategic partnership because of their shared mission and connected charitable objectives. This ongoing partnership will enable both organisations to increase their capacity to reach and support even more young people.

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There are many ways to help, such as donating, fundraising and volunteering – we’d love to consider any and every option to support the cause.